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Jeanne Holverstott, MS, has worked as an autism spectrum specialist for 13 years. She began practicing with Responsive Centers for Psychology and Learning in 2006 before co-founding New Leaf Therapy Group in January 2015.

Education and Experience

Jeanne obtained a master’s degree from the University of Kansas, specializing in Autism and Asperger Syndrome.

Her background includes working with children, adolescents and adults on the spectrum for more than 15 years. For instance, Jeanne has experience as a paraeducator, home therapist, teacher, in-home service provider and a community-based specialist.

Additionally, when Jeanne was an undergraduate student at Northwestern University, she co-directed a camp at a Jewish community center in Chicago for children with ASD.

Jeanne believes autism spectrum disorders affect both the diagnosed individual and their family members. Therefore, she offers an array of therapeutic services for children and adults on the spectrum.

Autism Specialist Services

• Conducting problem-solving support services for children and adults with ASD, for both individuals and families.

• Executing 15 weekly social skills groups, age ranges 4 to 25.

• Teaching classes about ASD at Johnson County Community College.

• Leading a monthly support group for parents with children with ASD.

• Attending and advocating for clients in Individualized Education Plan and 504 Plan meetings.

• Working closely with school staff to develop intervention and education plans for clients.

• Helping parents and children on the spectrum confront problem behaviors, anxiety/depression, and social skills.

• Improving the quality of life for adults with ASD. For instance, preparing for job interviews, developing daily living skills, and maintaining routines to live independently.

• Directing the ASD screening clinic.

Autism Spectrum Organizational Experience

First, Jeanne founded Camp Confidence in 2010. Camp Confidence is a weeklong summer day camp designed to help middle school students with ASD feel empowered in social interactions.

After that, Jeanne co-founded C.H.A.S.E., a 501©3 organization in 2014. This organization unites individuals and families impacted by the spectrum. Specifically, they strive to increase awareness, boost tolerance, and promote participation in all environments.

Finally, C.H.A.S.E. envisions communities that value individuals with ASD. Above all, C.H.A.S.E. encourages community participation in efforts to include this population.

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Autism Spectrum Articles and Research

Furthermore, Jeanne has written several articles about increasing self-determination in individuals with autism spectrum disorder. For example, Jeanne co-authored Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Handbook for Parents and Professionals with Brenda Smith Myles.

Jeanne Holverstott

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Jeanne also runs the Autistically Allied support group and blog, which is dedicated to connecting autistics and non-autistics with information and resources.

Visit the site:

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